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Tutoring that makes you a star ✩

Our tutors are 23-year-olds handpicked from UAE's best universities with 2 years of tutoring experience and A* grades

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Why Unitors?

It’s all about changing the way we learn! We believe in thinking differently and challenging the status quo. How? Creating a friendly environment. Making learning simple. Taking exceptionally good university students from over 20 countries, focusing on their communication and teaching skills, transforming them into tutors. Join the community now because Unitors is learning done better.

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Sergei, Parent

The team is very responsive and flexible. They have a great choice of tutors. My children enjoyed classes a lot. Strongly recommend!


Gabriel, Student

I had been to many tutoring institutes; but I understand concepts more with Kris than anywhere else because he is friendly and I am more open with him to clear my queries.

Tolu, Parent

Very professional service, responsive and quite flexible with schedules. My children's math tutor, Miss Sara, is quite patient and provides detailed explanation of problem topics.

Samira, Parent

Excellent tutors, highly recommended. They are professionals and very responsive. All of my three boys are taking Arabic, Islamic and Math classes with them! I see great improvement in their leaning and development and I’m extremely satisfied!

Parents and students have rated us 4.8/5

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  • Which tutor is right for you?
    Before you start looking for a tutor, it's good to know exactly what your child needs help with. Whether it's a particular English Literature book, a tricky bit of Maths, or even just how to tackle exams better, pinpointing their needs helps you narrow down your options. If you're unsure where to begin, talking to your child or their teacher can give you some direction. Once you've got a clearer picture, you can arrange a free meeting with the tutor. This is your chance to ask them anything you want and see how well they connect with your child before you make any decisions about booking them.
  • How to find a tutor?
    Finding a tutor is easy. All you have to do is fill up the Find a tutor form on our homepage with any special requirements you may have and we'll send you the best suitable tutor profiles on your whatsapp within 24 hours. Alternatively you can also look up the tutor profile on Find a tutor page on our website.
  • What makes a good tutor?
    Having a strong grasp of the subject matter is essential, but being a great tutor means explaining things in a way that's easy to understand, interesting, and just for you. Imagine someone has three fancy degrees in Physics, but they might not be great at helping you with your GCSE Physics! Good tutors get you, they make you feel confident, and that's when you really start to shine. Our tutors come from top UAE universities, and they're not much older than you, so they get what it's like to be a teen. We're super picky about who we hire—only about 5 out of 200 people who apply make it through our tough process.
  • How much does a tutor cost?
    The prices start at 100AED/hour at GCSE level and changes accordingly for online and home tutoring. Most of our prices range from 100AED/hr to 250AED/hr. You can see all the tutor profiles under Find a tutor page on our website.
  • How does the pricing work?
    We work on a monthly subscription model starting from 760AED/month for online tutoring and 1520AED/month for private home tutoring. The monthly subscriptions can be customized according to your requirements. You can find more details on Prices page on our website.


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+971 56 209 4484

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