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Scientifically Proven Study Tips

Most of the time, reading and highlighting in a book is not the way to go. Studies have shown that in most cases it does not help with understanding, and certainly does not help you link knowledge and key concepts together. While reading, there is no one proper approach to take notes. It's crucial that you try out a few efficient techniques, choose a few that are successful for you, and put those tactics to use.

Instead, try this:

For every page or even paragraph you read; write down everything you remember on a piece of paper. And when your brain starts to overheat, put the book down for a bit and let it cool.

This is known as active recall, and it really helps with long-term memorization. Plus it’s a great indicator for whether or not you are actually paying attention when you are reading.

And a little add-on tip:

For even better memorization, read through the page/paragraph one more time, and then fill what you did not remember in another color, on another piece of paper.

Start writing!

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